Monday, January 23, 2006

Gay and Good Kebabs © 1961

1. Small tomatoes or wedges of larger tomatoes
2. Squares of green pepper
3. Tiny par-boiled onions
4. Squares of eggplant
5. Thick slices of zucchini
6. Thick slices of apple...good with pork
7. Dried prunes plumped in Taylor N.Y. State Wine
8. Apricots or other dried fruit, soaked in wine

Place a mushroom at each end of skewer, making a parenthesis - as it were - around meat. Grill to your satisfaction over hot coals or in your broiler or rotisserie. Remember that

pork and veal should be well done. Grill these meats more slowly than beef or lamb. Turn the meat often as it grills so it will be evenly cooked and browned.

Note: Very tender fruits and vegetables should be paired with quick-cooking meats.

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