Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tortie the Turtle Cake © 1959

The Turtle's a retiring guy.
He hides his head because he's shy.
Make him with cake and coconut flakes.
Follow the pictures - that's all it takes!

1. Preparing a yellow (or your favorite flavor) cake mix. Half-fill four cupcake liners. Pour remaining batter into greased and floured 2 1/2-quart round oven-proof bowl.

2. Bake cupcakes 20-25 minutes, bowl cake 50 minutes in moderate oven (350ºF). Cool. Invert bowl cake to make shell. Split two cupcakes and place cut-side down around shell for turtle's feet.

3. Frost other two cupcakes together and fasten on turtle. Swirl Sea Foam Frosting* over cake and sprinkle shell with green-tinted Baker's Angel Flake Coconut. Make eyes with gumdrops, mouth, tail and toes with licorice. Add a frilly paper-cup hat.

*What is "Sea Foam Frosting," and how do I make it?


Blogger Terri said...

Sea Foam Frosting! I like the turtle, that's the cake I voted for although after seeing their pictures, I like the look of the butterfly and the elephant is really cute. I still like the garsh darn toitis

8:09 AM  
Blogger Kirkkitsch said...

Did you know what Sea Foam Frosting was? I sure didn't! Interesting. I love learning new stuff when it comes to cooking fundamentals.

The toitle is pretty doggone cute, though I voted for the Cut Up Kid (Boy). He's really cute. Actually, both of the "Cut Up Kids" are really cute.

The thing I like about Tortie is the use of different kinds of cakes (i.e. cupcakes to make his feet/head). Very smart! A very innovative little cake!

Thanks for commenting! :D

6:11 PM  

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