Monday, October 03, 2005

Butterfly Cake © 1959

A Butterfly Cake is airy and light,
Iced with coconut - it's a lovely sight!
For a luncheon or bridge or for the kids next door, Better make two - they'll be asking for more!

1. For this cake, you'll need a 13x9x2-inch cake, made from a mix or favorite recipe. Cool. Now cut off a one-inch strip from short side of the cake.

2. Cut diagonally across remaining cake to form triangles for wings. Place pieces as shown. Tint Seven Minute Frosting* a pale yellow and spread on cake.

3. Tint Baker's Angel Flake Coconut yellow and drift over butterfly. Slice gumdrops, gumdrop strips and licorice to scatter over wings and body for markings. Strips of licorice make the curled antennas.

*What is "Seven Minute Frosting," and how do I make it?


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