Monday, October 10, 2005

Finny the Fish Cake © 1959

Fishing for cake? You bet your bait
Here's one that's got to be just great.
Topped with coconut, cut on a curve,
Add some bubbles and it's ready to serve.

1. Start with a cooled 9-inch square cake. From one corner, measure 5 inches along one side and 5 1/2 inches along the other. Cut on a curve through points.

2. Divide this in half cutting on a curve to make two fins. From opposite corner, measure 6 inches along sides and cut on a curve for tail. Place pieces as shown.

3. Spread on fluffy Seven Minute Frosting, tinted green. Sprinkle with Baker's Angel Flake Coconut. Use gumdrops for eye and mouth, slivers of licorice for a flirty eyelash. Add candy scales and bubbles.

*What is "Seven Minute Frosting," and how do I make it?


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