Sunday, October 30, 2005

Hoot Owl Cut-Up Cake

I recently found this cute vintage ad online and thought I'd share it with you. The print is kinda small, so I've retyped it so you can read it. Click the image to enlarge the scan.

Are you wise to the wonderful things you can do with Baker's Angel Flake Coconut? Like this cute Hoot Owl: Just bake an 8-inch and a 9-inch round layer cake. Cut the layers like this. (*see advertisement) Then put the pieces together and cover the eyes and tummy with fluffy white frosting and the rest with orange frosting. Sprinkle plenty of Baker's Angel Flake Coconut all over, then make big eyes with gumdrops, licorice; a beak and ears with gumdrops, toes with licorice strings. Halloween's a good night to 'owl...


Blogger Michele said...

Thanks...I actually have been trying to come up with a simple owl cake and this is perfect. Love the retro recipes

8:17 PM  

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